The Garinish Island 100 Centenary Talks

The Garinish Island 100 Centenary Talks

The second of the four talks entitled, “The Wild Flowers and Animals of Glengarriff and S. W. Cork”, was presented on Thursday evening last.  The guest speaker and presenter for the evening was Mr. John Earley.  John is an Environmental Officer with Cork County Council.  He is also one of the foremost Wild Life photographers and has published guides to Kerry, West Cork and The Mizen Peninsula.

John has also worked with National Parks and Wildlife Services and commented that “It is nice to be presenting in Glengarriff as I have spent so much of my time in the area researching and photographing the Wild life and it is my pleasure to present my works to the people of Glengarriff”.

The evening event was well attended and John had a very appreciative and interested audience.  He discussed and exhibited many plant, flower, animal, and marine life.  It was suggested that perhaps additional talks could be planned to discuss the various categories in greater detail, as John mentioned several times that the examples he showed and discussed on Thursday evening was a small sampling of his works.  Perhaps a separate evening for Wild Life, Marine Life or Plants could be planned for later.

The two remaining scheduled July talks will be:

Thursday 15th July at 8:00pm  –  Glengarriff Park Hotel. Admission is free.

Title: “Prehistoric Settlements in Glengarriff”.

Guest Speaker Connie Murphy – Archaeologist

The FINAL Presentation in this series will be:

Thursday 22nd July at 8:00pm - Glengarriff Park Hotel. Admission is free.

Title “The O’Sullivan Beres, Their Place in History”

Guest Speaker Frank Doyle – Historian

The Garinish Island 100 Centenary Talks are a series of events by Glengarriff Tourism and Development Organisation (GTDA).   Jim Larner initiated and organises the talks.

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  1. Due to a prior committment I missed the talk on Thursday last. By all accounts it was an excellent presentation and well attended. Well done to all concerned. There is obviously an opening to have similar events on an ongoing basis.

    Comment by ANDREW O SHEA — July 10, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

  2. John provided a fantastic show with some fabulous slides of rare and not so rare flora and fauna in the Glengarriff area. We are indeed lucky to live in such a beautiful and bountiful land. Let’s all play our part in caring for it for future generations. Looking forward to more such evenings.

    Comment by A. O Shea — July 11, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

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