About G.T.D.A

Glengarriff Tourism & Development Association

As long as tourists have been coming to Glengarriff there has been a voluntary association of some kind to promote the industry locally. The present GT&DA has existed unbroken since the 1940s. Its aim essentially is the promotion and development of Glengarriff to the benefit of all the community and in this regard its brief is wide ranging. Down through the years the organization has embraced a variety of initiatives including Marketing and Promotion, Tidy Towns, Walks, Festivals etc.
All aspects of promotion of the area to the ever evolving Tourism Industry is its primary focus and the Association has a long record of exploiting whatever medium has been the norm of the time. The traditional type Tourist Brochure has remained a staple of all marketing and GT&DA still produces a range of such publications on an ongoing basis. All brochures are available to download from the website and hard copies are available locally.
The Association has entered the Tidy Towns Competition since its inception in the mid 1950s and progress has been steady with a good increase in momentum in the past decade. The gap has been narrowed considerably and with a continuance of the effort Glengarriff will be in serious contention for top prizes in the next few years.
Much more information on Tidy Towns is available on the dedicated Glengarriff Tidy Towns page.
Festivals and events of various forms have also been a feature in the history of the organization. The Glengarriff Festival of the 1970s and 80s was replaced by the very successful Flower Festival in the 1990s and this in turn led to a revival of the traditional Festival for a number of further years. At various other times the organization has promoted events in conjunction with Bantry 96, The Irish Homecoming Festival, O Sullivan Bere 400th Commemoration and The West Cork Walking Festival. The emphasis currently is on the Garinish 100 Commemoration, which has its own page also.
The organization has had a long time interest in promoting walking locally. Looking back at the old brochures it is obvious that this has always been a major attraction for visitors to the area even before the current trend for long distance walking route such as The Beara Way. A lady called Hilda Allberry produced a very good walking brochure in the 1970s and this has been expanded upon and reprinted many times since. The current Walking in Glengarriff brochure is the most comprehensive to date and covers all aspects of walking locally.

The Association is a totally voluntary organization, which welcomes membership from all, whether in business or otherwise. Meetings are held regularly and the officers and committee are dealing with the very full agenda.
The current officers of GT&DA are
Chairperson Colm McCarthy colm_ireland@yahoo.com
Hon. Sec. Andrew O Shea thespinningwheel@eircom.net
Hon. Treasurer Joan Boyd jboyd.jba@gmail.com

Everyone is welcome to join in the effort and if you feel that you have anything to offer please contact us.

A great number of people locally have been associated with the organization down through the years and it is our intention to post a comprehensive list on this site in due course. At first glance this will include all of the various PPs who have served here, Frs. Courtney, Edmund Stack, John O Neill, Michael Stack, Daniel Murphy, John Shine and Declan O Connor. The rectors in the Holy Trinity Church of Ireland have also featured including Rev. Norcotte, Matchette and Garrett. Others involved centrally in the association have included Joe O Sullivan, Bernard Harrington, John Murphy, Dan Murphy, Paddy Harrington and Jim Dowling

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